It’s that time once again. Time for one of the best nights of the year. It’s Kenny time.

Heading to Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI tonight to see Kenny Chesney in concert. I’m fired up.

This will be the 12th (yes you read that correctly) time I’ve seen him perform. I’m a big fan. First time I saw him was either 1999 or 2000 (it’s been awhile…memory is a bit fuzzy) at the Sangamon County Fair in little New Berlin, IL.

Safe to say he wasn’t the megastar that he is now when he took the stage that night…but the show was awesome. I still remember it. What a great time.

Took my little sister to see him that year. Little did I know it would start a tradition of going to see Kenny in concert just about every year, and also a tradition of enjoying his performances with new people just about every time.

I love these shows. They really are at the top of my list of things to do every year. Whether or not you like country music you should go check one out sometime. The energy at these things is amazing. The guy puts on one heck of a performance every time he gets up there. It’s money well spent,  without a doubt.

Turns out this will be the sixth different state I’ve seen the guy in – the list is getting rather extensive 🙂 Whether it’s been Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina or Indiana…it’s always been a blast and it always will be. Here’s to the latest chapter, this time in Michigan.

Let’s have it.


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