The Commodore 64 is Making a Comeback!

I can’t believe it.

They are re-launching a modernized version of the Commodore 64. This is outstanding.

The C-64 was a staple of my childhood and just the sight of this link on the website I was browsing got me excited. I believe the thought of, ‘No way!’ was exactly what played out in my mind as I hurried to click the link.

I can’t tell you how many hundreds of hours I spent on the Commodore 64 as a kid. This was the beginning of my computer nerdiness. I loved that thing.

So many cool games you could play – whether on a cartridge or on the (at the time, rather cutting-edge) 5 &1/4 inch floppy disk drive. Stop me when you hear one you remember: Adventure Creator, Kickman, Fraction Fever, Street Sports Basketball, California Games, Jordan vs Bird, etc, etc, etc.

Oh man this is cool stuff…and I am a total dork. Those were the days, though.

I recall many an evening spent with my sister competing in Family Feud on there, with our very random made-up family names. Or perhaps the Summer Games contests where, after giving up on trying to score well in the diving competition, we’d have the divers do these horrific belly flops while we laughed hysterically.

I recall battling it out in every sports game imaginable with a good friend of mine on countless afternoons. I know the graphics (and probably the gameplay too) were laughable compared to today’s standards but it didn’t matter. It was awesome and we had a lot of fun.

So now they’re making a newfangled version of the Commodore. Is the nostalgic value enough to buy one? I dunno. Either way, just the mention of it has been enough to stir up some fond memories and for that I thank the folks who are bringing this classic computer back to life.

Long live the C-64. I so wish I still had the original..


3 thoughts on “The Commodore 64 is Making a Comeback!”

  1. Ha! That fraction guy bit it so many times off the edge of that sidewalk. And seriously, when he went through the middle tiles it was nothing short of maddening! Stupid glitch 😉

    I also recall the countless headaches we suffered while playing Adventure Creator. That dude kept getting zapped everywhere and the then the constant trading with the random creatures, plus the nippons, and just…ack! 🙂


  2. My favorite part of fraction fever was choosing the CORRECT answer and still falling through the stupid sidewalk. . .that and pogo’ing off the edge and falling screen after screen into the abyss. “oooooo…oooooo…ooooo…”
    It’s a miracle I learned fractions at all!



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