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So much truth in this one!

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Positive Press

Bride Shaves Head
Photo credit: Struth Photography

A Bride Shaves Her Head On Her Wedding Day To Support Her Terminally Ill Groom

This is a sweet story of love and dedication…and, making the most of every moment in life.

Positive Press

Choices: Blessings with Consequences

“We’ve been blessed with the freedom to choose. But, your choices have consequences – for you and also for others. Choices can affect you for a lifetime. A lot of times we don’t realize just how widespread the impact our choices can (and do) have. Put God first when you make your choices!”
-Brandon Dudley

From the beginning of time, this has been true. God has blessed us with the ability and freedom to make choices (Genesis 2:16-17) but those choices have resulted in some very significant consequences (Genesis 3) as well.


So, just as Mr. Dudley said…put God first when you make your choices. The results will be much better for you when you do.:)

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