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I Don’t Have to Know It

“Certainly praying takes some admissions, that is, recognition of your state as a man. But this admission does not lead to shame, to a feeling of worthlessness or despair, but rather to the discovery that you are a man and God is God.

To pray is to walk in the full light of God. At that moment, conversion occurs, the restoration of the true relationship.

This conversion brings with it the relaxation which lets you breathe again and puts you at rest in the embrace of a forgiving God. The experience results in a calm and simple joy. For then you can say: ‘I don’t know the answer and I can’t do this thing, but I don’t have to know it, and I don’t have to be able to do it.'”

-Henri Nouwen

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Youth Retreat

Question: Would you sign up for a weekend where you are responsible for nearly 100 tweens and teens?

Ok, me neither…until the past few years, that is.

It’s our youth group’s annual spring retreat this weekend and I’m typing this (at just after 1 a.m.) from the lower bunk in a room with eight others.

This is my third retreat as an adult leader for the youth group. Always amazes me how much energy you can pack into a couple of days. 
It took until about half an hour ago to get everyone, at least the guys’ wing of the building, to finally blow off enough steam to even consider sleep. 

There was full-scale soccer and football going on in the hallway after midnight. I mean, why not?

Fridays for me anymore are in bed by 9 or 10. Not this weekend, though – and I love it. 

It’s a lot of work to pull stuff like this off and it requires some patience, but it’s so worth it. 

Tonight, probably two dozen kids gave their lives to Christ! Amazing!

That alone makes it completely worth it. But, it’s also a lot of fun to connect with the kids in a fun setting. They tend to open up more and it’s great to get to know them better. 

We’ll see what the rest of the weekend brings, but for now, I’m smiling at the thought of being so blessed to get to be a small part of these young people’s lives. God is good. 

God Is Who He Is

“Obedience is the key to real faith – the unshakable kind of faith so powerfully illustrated by Job’s life. Job lost his home, his family, his health. But though it appeared God had abandoned him, Job clung to the assurance that God is who He is.”
-Charles Colson

Isn’t it funny how quickly we forget that God is who He is?

  • Stuck in traffic. What am I going to do? I’m running late!
  • Tough day at work. How am I ever going to get this done? Why do I have to deal with this situation?
  • Family issues. Why can’t this child see the right way to do things?
  • Financial problems. How are we going to afford this? We’ll never get out of this hole.

Where’s God in all of these questions? We all (myself absolutely included) tend to forget that He is in control…that God is who He is.

So much stress, so much worry. 

As the author goes on to say, real faith is believing and acting obediently regardless of circumstances or contrary evidence.

A reminder to myself today, and anyone else who needs it, to keep that in mind. If we truly believe in God, incorporating that belief into our daily routine and applying it to difficulties that come up will keep us in a place of peace.

Simply remembering that God is who He is can be a real game-changer.

Have a great day.