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Positive Press

Positive Press 1

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College Football is Awesome

I had the chance to relax a bit today and in the process, saw some fantastic finishes as part of Rivalry Week in college football.

My beloved Florida State Seminoles weren’t involved in one of those close endings, but a convincing win over the rival Florida Gators to get to within one win of playing for a national title was just fine with me 🙂

Then there was the Michigan-Ohio State game. Kudos to Michigan coach Brady Hoke for going for the win on the two point conversion instead of kicking the extra point and heading to overtime. It didn’t work and Michigan ended up losing by that lone point, but I like the gutsy call anyway.

After that, there was the Georgia Tech-Georgia game. Two overtimes, and a final play that looked more like something you’d see in a pinball game finally resulting in a Georgia win in a back and forth game.

Courtesy: USA Today Sports
Courtesy: USA Today Sports

Finally, the finish of all finishes in the Auburn-Alabama Iron Bowl game. The unthinkable! One second gets put back on the clock at the end of regulation in a tie game, giving Alabama a chance to steal a win at the last second and preserve its #1 ranking. Show of hands who predicted Auburn’s Chris Davis to catch the ball after the kick fell just short of the goal post and then run it back within inches of the sideline, through the entire Alabama team and into the end zone to win it and shock the sports world in the process. Yeah, I didn’t see that coming either. Wow.

Unbelievable stuff. What a day! Heck, the night games are barely under way so who knows what else might happen tonight in the wild endings department. But my oh my, it was fun watching some great games this afternoon. College football is awesome!

Skiing = Awesome

I went skiing this weekend. It was the first time for me in more than a decade.

Boyne Highlands in Harbor Springs, Michigan was the destination of choice. It’s a great place with plenty of options for skiers of all skill levels. Check it out sometime.

The only other time for me was in Vermont so I didn’t know what to expect. As it turns out, you can do some good skiing in places other than there or Colorado. Northern Michigan is a great place for skiing.

I forgot how much fun this sport is, but somehow I hadn’t forgotten how to do it. I figured it was going to be a disaster but after a day filled with making run after run down the slopes, my body (and my ego) remained intact. Didn’t even fall down once!

It felt really good to be back on skis. I got a nice workout and had a lot of fun in the process.

It’s so much fun carving your way through the snow as you make your way down to the bottom…just the right combination of peaceful and exhilarating. Love it.

Somehow, 14 years passed between my only other time on the slopes and this time. I’m going to make every effort to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Matt Gabriel Band (Check Out Their Music!)

I was at Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids, MI this weekend and stopped at a music tent to listen to a local band play for a few minutes. I was very impressed.

Matt Gabriel is the name of the artist. Matt Gabriel Band is the name of the group. Take a moment and check out the band’s website on Reverb Nation: http://www.reverbnation.com/mattgabrielmusic

You’ll find playable (full-length) versions of his songs on that site. Be sure to listen to ‘Irish Eyes‘ while you’re there. What a great song.

I hope Matt and his band find great success with their talents. The drummer who accompanies him provides additional vocals and together their harmonies are very good; particularly on that ‘Irish Eyes’ song. Man, what a good tune.

So take a listen and if you like what you hear, go check them out sometime…or if you’re not able to get to Michigan, just visit their iTunes site and download the songs instead. Enjoy.


It’s that time once again. Time for one of the best nights of the year. It’s Kenny time.

Heading to Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI tonight to see Kenny Chesney in concert. I’m fired up.

This will be the 12th (yes you read that correctly) time I’ve seen him perform. I’m a big fan. First time I saw him was either 1999 or 2000 (it’s been awhile…memory is a bit fuzzy) at the Sangamon County Fair in little New Berlin, IL.

Safe to say he wasn’t the megastar that he is now when he took the stage that night…but the show was awesome. I still remember it. What a great time.

Took my little sister to see him that year. Little did I know it would start a tradition of going to see Kenny in concert just about every year, and also a tradition of enjoying his performances with new people just about every time.

I love these shows. They really are at the top of my list of things to do every year. Whether or not you like country music you should go check one out sometime. The energy at these things is amazing. The guy puts on one heck of a performance every time he gets up there. It’s money well spent,  without a doubt.

Turns out this will be the sixth different state I’ve seen the guy in – the list is getting rather extensive 🙂 Whether it’s been Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina or Indiana…it’s always been a blast and it always will be. Here’s to the latest chapter, this time in Michigan.

Let’s have it.