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60 Seconds of Serenity – Canyon Creek

Here’s a ground level view from one section of Matthiessen State Park. It’s a great place to visit and explore, with plenty of terrain changes, rock formations and waterfalls. My wife and I took an afternoon hike there, recently.

Hope you enjoy this video and can enjoy a minute of relaxation in the process! 🙂

Train Trip

If you’ve never taken a long-distance train ride, I encourage you to do so. It’s a lot of fun, it’s relaxing…and it includes some beautiful scenery.

This short video is from Amtrak’s Empire Builder train. This train travels from Chicago, Illinois to Seattle, Washington and also Portland, Oregon.

The clips were taken in the vicinity of Glacier National Park, as well as other locations in Montana and Washington.


Positive Press

Illinois Wheelchair Bike Program Restores Health, Happiness One Ride at a Time

Here’s a look at a program that gives elderly and disabled folks an opportunity to go on a bike ride. Good stuff!

Positive Press

Positive Press


Pekin police, fire departments come together for a special birthday surprise

Bullying can leave some big scars. But, when people come together to make someone who’s been bullied feel special, it has a way of healing them up.

Here’s an example of that. Great job to everyone involved!

Positive Press

Positive Press

Troy and Tim

Highway heroes: IDOT workers find, return stolen jewelry box

Great story about a couple of guys who went above and beyond their job descriptions to return some precious keepsakes one couple thought they’d never see again.

Positive Press