Illinois River Flooding

It’s happening in the Peoria area, and in numerous other locations. Flooding…in some places, like it’s never been seen before.

The Illinois River is expected to reach a record high level early next week. A lot of people are working hard right now to help other people fortify their property or move things out. Unfortunately some houses have already succumbed to the rising water and it’s a scene that will likely be repeated in the days to come.

So please pray for the folks who have already been impacted by the flood waters, and those who will be in the coming days. Thank you.

Here are some additional photos of the flooding, and a look at people helping out: https://plus.google.com/photos/101729312384817223174/albums/5868983463450353057

2 thoughts on “Flooding”

  1. We need the rains so bad from the drought last summer but it needs to slow down now. Flooding is here also but my home is safe. My prayers go to all families with this problem



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