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Turn Around, Don’t Drown

Graphic: Turn Around, Don't Drown.

Sadly, people are killed every year when their vehicles are carried away by floodwaters. This has happened recently, during severe flooding.

It doesn’t take much water to move your car and leave you stuck in a potentially serious, even deadly situation. So, just a friendly reminder today that you should never attempt to drive through a flooded road.

Be safe out there, everyone!

Positive Press

Positive Press 1

It’s Friday! Time for some positive news stories. Have a great day and a great weekend, everyone.

Video catches Buffalo bus driver saving apparently suicidal woman

Owen Schipnewski, Minnesota Man, Gets Back Hunting Jacket And $1,700 … 4 Years Later

Sixth-Grader Invents Sandless Sandbags to Save Lives and Property in Floods


Illinois River Flooding

It’s happening in the Peoria area, and in numerous other locations. Flooding…in some places, like it’s never been seen before.

The Illinois River is expected to reach a record high level early next week. A lot of people are working hard right now to help other people fortify their property or move things out. Unfortunately some houses have already succumbed to the rising water and it’s a scene that will likely be repeated in the days to come.

So please pray for the folks who have already been impacted by the flood waters, and those who will be in the coming days. Thank you.

Here are some additional photos of the flooding, and a look at people helping out: https://plus.google.com/photos/101729312384817223174/albums/5868983463450353057