Calling All Angels

Prayers needed for my friend Terry and her brother Al. Please read and pray. Thank you!

Who I am

I have stayed a way for a few days, trying not to talk about Al, but instead writing little and yet accomplishing one goal I had, and that was writing the last chapter of my book. My very first book, all done now. I hope that you have enjoyed it.

Now the time has come where I could not manage to keep my breakfast down, so I must speak to you and let you know what has been happening, so I will stop the crying and move forth. The stats say that Taurus’s wear their feelings on their sleeves for all to see, and I believe this is me to at T. I am very emotional and wish I could toughen myself up, but I have never been able to change that about myself yet, and being middle-aged, it will most likely get worse.

Al was falling more and more…

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