A Soccer Ball, a Football, and a Set of Goalposts

I enjoyed a fun afternoon with my sons and my parents yesterday. All it required was a soccer ball, a football, and a set of goalposts.

We went to a local park and set up shop in a grassy area that happened to have football goalposts set up. The mission? Playing soccer and kicking field goals, of course.

Soccer was first. After some consternation it was decided that we would use the one set of goalposts and play ‘half court style’ where you’d have to ‘take it back’ like you would in basketball.

The teams were set: My oldest son and youngest son versus my parents. I was goalie. And off we went….first team to five goals won.

There was some furious action out there, I tell you. Both sides putting forth a good effort. Shots being taken from left and right. Naturally, it came down to 4-4 with the next goal winning.

After my Dad nearly won it but was denied by a diving fingertip save (I don’t know how real soccer goalies do this on a regular basis with people like Cristiano Ronaldo and Robin Van Persie blazing shots at them) the scene was set for the boys to claim victory.

My oldest passed it to my youngest, and he maneuvered his way for an open shot from about 10 yards out. He curled one past the defenders (aka Mom and Dad) and past the goalie’s outstretched arms, just under the crossbar and inside the left post. Goal! Game over. Oh, the drama…this one would have been a TV ratings hit, I tell you.

Next up? Field goals!

The boys took turns trying their luck at putting one through the uprights. No small task, as these were regulation size. My youngest son was up first and after attempt after attempt, and some helpful coaching from my Dad, he nailed one! Not bad for a six-year-old. After that, my oldest son, also with a little help…and after borrowing my Mom’s shoes (the boy insists on wearing those Crocs shoes no matter what the occasion) he sailed one through as well. Success! Way to go, bud.

It was a good time and a good afternoon. Doesn’t take much to bring smiles around here 🙂

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