Out with the Old…Oxfords

I occasionally get sentimental about things that perhaps some might consider, well, not exactly worthy of being sentimental about. Case in point, an old pair of Oxfords that I recently replaced.
When I say ‘old’ I am making a significant understatement. These shoes have been places. I recently had a conversation with my Dad while we were shopping with my Mom and when he said that he tends to wear shoes until they fall apart, I knew exactly what he was talking about.
Still, it was time for this pair to go. My girlfriend gets a lot of the credit for finally convincing me that it was time to make a change for the better. We were walking several blocks to a spot we were visiting recently and she noticed that I wasn’t exactly enjoying the stroll. Not because it was freezing cold, windy, etc…but rather because these shoes literally had no support left to offer my poor feet.
(For whatever reason I feel I should clarify that yes, I have several other pairs of shoes…but these were my favorites. Ok? Good.)
Anyway that afternoon pretty much did it. Being the voice of reason in the situation, after taking a closer look at them she was like, ‘Umm, you can’t wear these anymore.’
Good call dear. Went to the store and picked up a pair – as fate would have it, this pair is nearly a carbon copy of the other. I knew this would make her laugh. Venturing out and then feeling comfortable about doing new or different things isn’t exactly my specialty. The fact that I finally replaced these old shoes with virtually the exact same thing was par for the course.
And so, this meant it was time to actually get rid of the old pair. Took me three days but I finally took them out with the trash. Not before taking the photo you see above. Similar or not, it’s impossible to not see the difference. It was time.
Still haven’t worn the new ones. Someday. Whenever that happens, my feet will have my loving girlfriend to thank 🙂
PS – If anyone can tell me whether it’s Oxfords or oxfords when referring to this type of shoe, I will be most grateful. Spent 15 minutes looking this up and didn’t get a definitive answer either way, so I capitalized it. I’m a spelling and grammar dork…help me out, eh? Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Out with the Old…Oxfords”

  1. Way to go Sarah! I say this as someone who can’t throw out any shoes at all. I have a pair of boots that have an actual hole in the sole of them, but I love them. On a day when it isn’t raining, I might still wear them. Probably not the best thing. So listen to Sarah, she is a smart one. Also, I would say that it is Oxford as it would be a proper name. That is just my opinion.


    1. Haha, thanks Karen. It really was a struggle figuring that capitalization thing out.

      Good to know it’s not just me with the shoes btw…and yes, I will be sure to listen to Sarah 😉



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