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Do Something Great


Heard a great message at church recently. The emphasis behind it was what you see in the picture above.

So many times, we as people say we’ll get around to giving what we have to God – time/talent/treasure – when we have more of it. But, we need to get away from that mentality.

God says, take what you have now and do something great with it!

Don’t have time to do things for God? Make time. He will make it worth your while, I promise.

Feel like you don’t have much to offer God when it comes to your talents? He thinks otherwise. You’ve been blessed uniquely with ways to give of yourself that are important and needed.

Going to give money to the church or something for God’s purpose only once you have enough money? Why not give now? He will multiply what you give.

Rick Warren explains it pretty well, here:

“If you keep a seed in a sack, it does no good, but if you plant it, it multiplies. For example, when you plant just one watermelon seed, you get a bunch of watermelons with hundreds of seeds in them. In the same way, God multiplies whatever you give him.”

So, don’t wait. You can make a big impact and do something great, no matter where you are in life right now!

A Moment to Enjoy

Quick, how many things have you stopped, even for a moment, to enjoy today? If the answer is ‘none’ then stop whatever you’re doing and find a moment (or two) and savor something about your life.

It could be anything. Major, minor…whatever. There’s always something to savor.


For me, today it was eating some watermelon. I know, random. But I realized while I was sitting there devouring it that it was really, really good. I was rather happy about it. Pretty sure that counts for my ‘moment’ today and seeing as how I have this blog, I thought I’d share with you here 🙂

Find a moment. Enjoy it.

Have a great day, er, evening.