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Harrisburg Tornado – Disaster Relief

The deadly tornado that ripped through Harrisburg and other southern Illinois communities the morning of February 29th left a large path of destruction in its wake.

For those who haven’t seen the aftermath, I have included a few photos in an attempt to illustrate just how much damage was caused by this monster of a storm.

As of right now, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has decided to deny disaster aid to the southern Illinois counties that were impacted by this storm.

If you are able to help the people of Harrisburg and the surrounding areas, please visit http://ready.illinois.gov/ for donation and volunteer information. Thank you.

Giving Praise in the Worst of Times (Joplin, MO Tornado Video)

Many of you have already seen this video, taken while a tornado ripped through a convenience store in Joplin, Missouri this past weekend:

The reason I am posting it is because of what I heard in the background during the middle of it. It was pretty powerful to me.

If you listen at approximately the 3:45 mark, you’ll hear a woman saying ‘Thank you Jesus’ .. and that’s what struck me.

It doesn’t surprise me that someone would be invoking the LORD’s name at a moment like that. Actually that seems very normal and really, expected.

But what I found interesting is that she’s saying thank you – and not after the storm had passed and they were safe, but rather right in the middle of the worst part where the outcome was anything but clear for her. She could have very well been doomed by that storm but she was giving thanks.

That’s awesome. Thanking the LORD during the absolute worst possible moment in your life…in this case, a moment that could have ended her life. I love this. I love that she’s thanking God despite the complete and utter turmoil around her.

Makes me want to thank God a lot more during those times that aren’t so great in my life. I mean, anyone can give thanks when life is good. You know? But what about when it’s not? Time for me to starting giving some more praise.

I’m thankful for this video and thankful for everyone who survived the storms in Joplin and elsewhere this past weekend. Meanwhile, I am thinking of all of those who were not as fortunate and lost their family members and loved ones. May peace find all of you in the days ahead.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the follow-up video taken by the same person who shot the original, above: http://youtu.be/W-P4P68YyNM

The Human Spirit – More Powerful Than Any Storm

I came across these sites on Facebook today:



They are just a couple of the sites that have been set up in the wake of the deadly tornadoes that ripped through the southern portion of United States this week.

It’s really touching to see that so many people have posted images of old photos and various other items they have found. As you’ll see, some of these photos don’t seem to carry any special significance on the surface…but I can only imagine that to someone who has lost everything, perhaps even others in his or her life, something like this could mean the world.

The lost pets site is perhaps even more touching. If you’ve ever had a pet you don’t need an explanation why. Even if just a few of these pets are reunited with their owners, it’s worth this kind of an effort.

It’s really great to see people looking out for other people like this. God bless the victims of these storms – and all of the people who are doing what they can to help.