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Positive Press

Positive Press 1

It’s that time again! Here are some news stories that made me smile this week…hope they’ll do the same for you. Happy Friday, have a great day.

‘Rock to the Rescue’ Concert Provides Some Relief for Tornado Victims

Coffee shop holds food drive for man who stole from tip jar

One Woman’s Quest to Save Dogs’ Lives With a Camera

Harrisburg Tornado – Disaster Relief

The deadly tornado that ripped through Harrisburg and other southern Illinois communities the morning of February 29th left a large path of destruction in its wake.

For those who haven’t seen the aftermath, I have included a few photos in an attempt to illustrate just how much damage was caused by this monster of a storm.

As of right now, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has decided to deny disaster aid to the southern Illinois counties that were impacted by this storm.

If you are able to help the people of Harrisburg and the surrounding areas, please visit http://ready.illinois.gov/ for donation and volunteer information. Thank you.