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Good Things (Sunshine vs Clouds)

‘You will have a hard time ever being happy if you aren’t thankful for the good things in your life right now.’

These words were included in an inspirational poster image I came across on Facebook the other day. Plenty of truth in them, no?

I mean, it makes sense when you really think about it. If we only look at what the seemingly bad things are, we’re sunk. Negative thoughts have power, just like positive ones do. But as the old phrase says, ‘Look on the bright side.’

Sunshine & Clouds

Doesn’t mean things won’t get rough at times or that there won’t be reasons to be sad. It’s gonna happen. But making a conscious decision (you may need to remember to do this several times a day at certain points of your life) to acknowledge that while the skies might not be very clear, or even look completely cloudy…the sun is shining somewhere.

The stuff that has gotten you down is only keeping you there because you let it. So I encourage you today to focus on the sunshine, not the clouds. You have a lot going for you. Trust that God knows what He’s doing with your life, even when you don’t, and make the most of this awesome day you get to live and enjoy. Good things are coming to you 🙂

Winter: Stop Ahead

The calendar version of spring about to begin, but temperatures here in the Midwest are hovering around or below the freezing point.

The way I see it, it’s time to send a friendly message to winter that it needs to be stopping soon.

Here’s to some sunshine and warm temps coming to join us in the very near future 🙂

Have a good day.

Winter Stop Ahead

Enjoy the Sunshine

Enjoy the Sunshine

‘If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.’
-Morris West

Enjoy the sunshine, friends. Have a good day.

Banner Marsh State Fish and Wildlife Area

I spent this past Saturday afternoon relaxing here.

I don’t fish, but it’s a great place for it. For me, it was a chance to take a few nature photos and then enjoy the sunshine, a nice breeze, and a few hours underneath a tree on a blanket with nowhere to be. It was wonderful.

Here are some photos from my afternoon at Banner Marsh.

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