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Positive Press


Texas students give unexpected surprise to 94-year-old crossing guard

He does his best to treat them right, every day.

One day, the students returned the favor for this beloved school crossing guard.

Positive Press

Positive Press

Photo credit: Katy Humphrey

Baylor professor holds infant for 55-minute lecture after student’s sitter falls through

Here’s a great example of doing more than just what you might be “supposed to do” and the positive impact it has on others!

Positive Press

Positive Press

Positive Press 1
109 Year-Old Man Knits Little Sweaters To Save The Lives Of Little Penguins

Barelas Community Coalition will allow ‘Tent City’ residents to move to private, vacant lot in historic neighborhood

Students unite to spread kindness

Be Good to People – Colleen Ritzer’s Legacy

Be Good to People

For those of you who may not follow the news, Colleen Ritzer is the 24-year-old Danvers, Massachusetts high school teacher who was killed earlier this week – allegedly by a 14-year-old student.

She posted this tweet a few months ago and from looking at the others posted on her Twitter account, it is very apparent she was a person who loved teaching math, loved her students, and loved life.

Folks, you just never know when your number is going to be called. Our time here on Earth is fleeting. I would just encourage everyone to follow Colleen’s advice in the way you live your life.

Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. Colleen, you did just that. Rest in Peace.

Engineer in the Classroom

I recently had the chance to shoot and edit a video about a cool program that is bringing engineers from the Illinois Department of Transportation and other agencies into 5th grade classrooms.

Take a look at the description below and then take a look at the video. If you’re an engineer, I think you’ll see that this program can be very rewarding to you. If you’re a teacher or school administrator, I think you’ll see the same thing from your end.

Engineer in the Classroom is a nationally recognized, award-winning educational program for students in 5th grade.

Since the program’s inception in 2000, engineers have been working with educators to bring this dynamic presentation of engineering to the classroom. Students design and build a working Rube Goldberg device to gain a basic understanding of simple machines and engineering principles.

Contact info is listed at the end of the video.