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Positive Press

Pastor Wendell Davis
Photo credit: KCBD

Lubbock pastor prays with state trooper

This is cool on so many levels…take two minutes and check it out.

God’s ways > Our ways

Positive Press

Positive Press

Trooper Kesler
Photo credit: Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

Alabama State Trooper Stops Speeding Car, Ends Up Delivering Baby

Here’s a nice story about a police officer “delivering” some above and beyond service. Way to go, Trooper Kesler!

Positive Press

Positive Press

Positive Press 1

Nacogdoches man on donating bone marrow to three-year-old stranger: ‘I got to be real life superman’

Woman Who Fostered 200 Children Receives $50,000 Award

State Trooper Credited With Saving Man After White Plains Gas Station Explosion