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That’s the title of the message from this past weekend’s service at my church.


There is some great advice and insight for parents, anyone planning on becoming a parent…or anyone who has parents. (Does that cover everyone now? Yep, I think so!)

I found inspiration in the message and a renewed sense of purpose as a result. Perhaps something you hear when you listen to it may end up blessing you, too.

Have a great day.

Tackling Trials

Here’s the link to a sermon I listened to online this morning:


It’s titled ‘How to Swallow Life’s Bitter Pills.’

If you have a little time, take a listen. The message was very helpful to me in showing me that trials (big and small) are going to happen – regardless of you trying to keep them out of your life and regardless of you thinking they shouldn’t be happening.

Too often, I avoid dealing with ‘bad things’ or do whatever possible to pretend they aren’t there or even try to rationalize that they just shouldn’t be there. Yet they are…and they always will be for all of us. This is just a part of life, plain and simple.

Accepting the fact that difficulties are going to come our way is a part of this sermon and it was helpful to me. There’s more but I’ll let you take a listen and hear for yourself.

For me, this message made it pretty clear that I have a long way to go in my journey. It was very humbling. There is so much to learn when it comes to loving the LORD and looking at life in a way that is pleasing to Him. It’s a work in progress here 🙂

It was a pretty tough message today, but I am glad I listened to it. Perhaps you will be too.