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You Don’t Know What I’m Going Through

‘Jesus paid a high price so that we wouldn’t have to live lives full of pain and self-pity.’
-Joyce Meyer

This video is worth checking out: http://goo.gl/MI1xyj

If you’re fighting frustration right now, or feeling down in the dumps, or if you’re mad about something, or whatever it might be…take a half hour and watch the video. The points that are made in it can help anyone both short-term and long-term and I promise it will be worth your time – even if your response to me writing this is, ‘You don’t know what I’m going through.’ 🙂

Have a great day everyone.

Confidence & Peace

‘If you’re not at peace with yourself then you’re not gonna find peace, no matter what you do in any area of life.’
-Joyce Meyer


Here’s a great message about building a ‘confidence habit’ and choosing peace for your life instead of worry and self-pity.


Have a good day!