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The School Lunch Issue (Mrs. Q)

So, the mysterious school lunch blogger has revealed her identity.

From the article:

“Sarah Wu does not look like a troublemaker. The slight, blond mom comes off, by her own admission, as “a super nice person … without a bad word to say.”

That may be why the speech pathologist was able to crank out an incisive daily blog scrutinizing school meals for an entire year without anyone suspecting her. Writing as “Mrs. Q,” she bought lunch each school day of 2010, photographed it, ate it and wrote about it that night under the title Fed Up With Lunch.”

One year of eating school lunches. Good for her. I give her credit for looking into the issue and reporting on what she found.

That being said, two things.

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Because Sometimes You Just Need a Really Good Sandwich

Just a guess here but…chances are there’s a sandwich that is on your ‘last meal’ list.

I was reunited with mine today.

Monty’s Submarines. Home to some nice folks and also home to some of the most delicious sandwiches you’ll ever find. People of Springfield, you have it good. I miss this place.

Growing up in Chatham, the Montvale store was a staple. Visited the Sangamon Ave. store this afternoon – along with a colleague who had never been there before. I think they may have another returning customer after today’s visit.

There’s just something about the seasoning and the dressing they put on those things…combine that with the bread and you have quite a treat. Oh, the bread. The sweet white is out of this world.

My sister and I made a stop at Monty’s when she was in town for Christmas. Realized we were driving by the Montvale store on the way home from sledding that day and (safely, of course) immediately turned off the road to get lunch. It’s just that good. You can’t pass up the chance to enjoy a Gobbler when you’re back in town!

Anyway it’s just a sandwich but it makes me happy every time I get to enjoy one. Hooray for food.

(Ok it’s audience participation time, folks…let’s hear from you!)