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So Much to Say

I have been blessed with the ability to speak and communicate effectively. I make my living as a communicator.

But that same mouth that delivers carefully crafted messages also has a tendency to say some really dumb things in other settings. I can communicate with the best of them professionally but on a personal level, I’m not always at the top of my game.

I have a way of saying just the wrong thing sometimes. I get defensive with certain things. I don’t always know when to let things go or simply listen for a while. Basically, I become a babbling mess at times…just ask my girlfriend. Right, dear? 🙂

As a guy, I get into Mr. Fix-It mode a lot as well. It’s been pretty well documented through the years that as men, we have a tendency to try to come up with solutions to stuff when just listening or offering some supportive words is often what is really desired from us.

From Chapter 2 (Disclaimer: I don’t necessarily agree with all that’s written in this book but this chapter contains some pretty insightful observations) of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus:

‘A man tries to change a woman’s feelings when she is upset by becoming Mr. Fix-It and offering solutions to her problems that invalidate her feelings.’

D’oh! That hurts…you know, because it’s true. Sorry, dear 🙂

I’m reminding myself today to 1) put a cork in it every now and then, and also to 2) ask for God’s help daily so that when it’s time to open my mouth at any point of my day, the things I say are glorifying to Him and edifying to others.

Have a great day everyone.

Psalm 141
Take control of what I say, O Lord,
    and guard my lips.