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A Positively Good Idea

A Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PositivelyPeoria (as well as a corresponding Twitter feed and a blog) recently popped up, called Positively Peoria. From the page’s description:

Positively Peoria spotlights people who provide excellent service in the Peoria, IL area. We do not focus on the business in general but rather, the employees of the business that provide good service and help their employers add to the value of their company. With less expendable income, we would all like to have great service when we go out or require a service. And let’s face it, there are way too many service people that we encounter in the area who just show up at their J.O.B. with little regard for providing excellent service

Using Positively Peoria is easy. When you experience excellent service from someone in a store or a restaurant or a service in your home, take note of the person’s name that helped you. Let us know about the excellent service here or via facebook or via twitter noting the company, the person (most importantly) and your story. In turn, our staff will contact the business and report the excellent service to the manager or owner. Our goal is to spotlight those individuals that provide excellent service in our area and with that, become a reliable reference for excellent service in the Peoria area.

This is great. It’s so nice to see something focused on a positive instead of a negative, especially when it comes to the topic of customer service. Sharing this today in case anyone out there wants to start something similar in your community, if it doesn’t already exist.

Have a good day.