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Glass Half Full

I wrote that as my Facebook status today and thought I’d write it here, too.

How do you look at life? Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?

I see it as half full. Sure we all have problems and stuff to deal with but hey, we’re alive and we get to experience this crazy, unpredictable ride that is life. That’s pretty cool. Life isn’t always easy but it is an adventure and we’re blessed to be able to experience it.

Make the most of every day you get. Give thanks for what you have. Learn something new. Do something that makes you smile. Do something that makes someone else smile. Appreciate the little things. Love with all your heart. Find the positive side of every situation.

From where I’m sitting, the glass in that picture below is half full. How do you see it?

Glass Half Full

Getting Our Attention

I’ve believed this for a number of years now and coming across this verse in the Bible this morning reaffirmed my sentiments.

Job 36
15Hard times and trouble 
 are God’s way of getting our attention! 
16And at this very moment, 
 God deeply desires to lead you from trouble 
 and to spread your table with your favorite food.  

Looking back in my life, Verse 15 has been spot-on in what it says. No denying it.

Every time you feel like something isn’t going right, or when things actually seem to be at their worst…those are the best times to get closer to God and the times when truly good things are being planned for your life.

As always, we have to believe this and trust this. As always, I am aware and living proof that it’s not always easy to do.

However, I hope you’ll really consider what these words say. It will likely change the way you perceive the rough spots in your life. Keeping an open mind and a receptive heart just might also bring you the peace of mind you’re looking for and quite possibly the resolution to the conflicts or troubles in your life.

It’s advice that I need to take as well.

Have a good day today, friends. God bless.