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Colton Dixon: Concert with a Cause (Backpack Peoria)

Concert with a Cause 2013

It’s time for a Concert with a Cause in Peoria!

Dream Center Peoria is hosting rising star and American Idol finalist Colton Dixon at Riverside Community Church Friday, July 26th for a night of worship. In the process, everyone who attends will be supporting the annual Backpack Peoria campaign.

Backpack Peoria

If you’re not familiar with Backpack Peoria, this is an event that provides free backpacks (3,000 of them) filled with school supplies to kids in the Peoria area as well as offering other back-to-school information and services for families. It’s an amazing day of caring for the people of this community and your $15 ticket to the concert will help make it happen.

So please come out July 26th. Enjoy a great show and help send a kid back to school with the supplies he or she needs. Click the Colton Dixon photo above for a link to buy tickets or get more information here: http://www.dreamcenterpeoria.org/news.html.

Should be a great night. Thank you for supporting this great cause!


Illinois River Flooding

It’s happening in the Peoria area, and in numerous other locations. Flooding…in some places, like it’s never been seen before.

The Illinois River is expected to reach a record high level early next week. A lot of people are working hard right now to help other people fortify their property or move things out. Unfortunately some houses have already succumbed to the rising water and it’s a scene that will likely be repeated in the days to come.

So please pray for the folks who have already been impacted by the flood waters, and those who will be in the coming days. Thank you.

Here are some additional photos of the flooding, and a look at people helping out: https://plus.google.com/photos/101729312384817223174/albums/5868983463450353057

A Positively Good Idea

A Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PositivelyPeoria (as well as a corresponding Twitter feed and a blog) recently popped up, called Positively Peoria. From the page’s description:

Positively Peoria spotlights people who provide excellent service in the Peoria, IL area. We do not focus on the business in general but rather, the employees of the business that provide good service and help their employers add to the value of their company. With less expendable income, we would all like to have great service when we go out or require a service. And let’s face it, there are way too many service people that we encounter in the area who just show up at their J.O.B. with little regard for providing excellent service

Using Positively Peoria is easy. When you experience excellent service from someone in a store or a restaurant or a service in your home, take note of the person’s name that helped you. Let us know about the excellent service here or via facebook or via twitter noting the company, the person (most importantly) and your story. In turn, our staff will contact the business and report the excellent service to the manager or owner. Our goal is to spotlight those individuals that provide excellent service in our area and with that, become a reliable reference for excellent service in the Peoria area.

This is great. It’s so nice to see something focused on a positive instead of a negative, especially when it comes to the topic of customer service. Sharing this today in case anyone out there wants to start something similar in your community, if it doesn’t already exist.

Have a good day.

Dreaming Big in Peoria

Big things are happening in Peoria, Illinois.

Recently, the YWCA of Peoria announced it was filing for bankruptcy and closing. Clearly that is not a good thing.

However, just this week, Dream Center Peoria announced it will be taking over several programs that would have otherwise been lost as a result of the impending YWCA bankruptcy.

Read more and watch the brief news report here: http://centralillinoisproud.com/fulltext/?nxd_id=279062

From the article:

The Dream Center continues to expand, and now it’s picking up programs nearly lost, when the YWCA announced it’s closing.

It’s taking on the YWCA’s cot program, where anywhere from 20 to 70 women and children sleep every night.

It will also be in charge of the Village Apartments, a two-year transitional home.

Wow. What a blessing.

Executive Director Andy King said the following as part of his comments to the media, “We know there will be a miracle involved in this.”

I love that. Believing that God will supply a miracle to help sustain the $350K surge in DCP’s budget is just one of many reasons why I love this organization. What a great example of stepping out in faith that can resonate with everyone – in our community and beyond.

So, to my friends in the blogging world and everywhere, please keep Dream Center Peoria in your prayers if you would. This decision is one that will enrich many, many lives and keep a large number of people off the streets. It wouldn’t have happened if the folks who run the Dream Center hadn’t decided to walk by faith. It won’t continue without support.

Amy Grant will be at the Dream Center Thursday, October 18th. Here’s hoping people will come out and support this organization at that event and also in the weeks and months to come.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a good day.

Banner Marsh State Fish and Wildlife Area

I spent this past Saturday afternoon relaxing here.

I don’t fish, but it’s a great place for it. For me, it was a chance to take a few nature photos and then enjoy the sunshine, a nice breeze, and a few hours underneath a tree on a blanket with nowhere to be. It was wonderful.

Here are some photos from my afternoon at Banner Marsh.

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