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Ok, I will admit. I’ve been pretty far removed from the game I grew up enjoying for the past few years. Yes, a big part of that is because my team, the Chicago Cubs really has not been anything remotely close to average, much less good in recent memory.

But, hope springs eternal and this year, the Cubbies look like they could be pretty good. New manager, new players, new attitude. And…renewed interest from this fan.

At Bat

I found this great app, called MLB At Bat. Lets you keep track of all things baseball, and it lets you access TV and/or radio broadcasts of the games, for a fee.

I went with the radio subscription. $20 for the entire season, with no blackouts and with access to broadcasts from both the home and away teams of every game. That’s a lot of baseball!

For me, it means getting to listen to Pat Hughes right on my phone. Good times.

You can also listen to archived games on your computer…which is nice when you can’t catch the game as it happens. There’s even a button to hide the scores when you go to listen to a replay. Cool stuff.

Looking forward to listening to the games this spring and summer. It’s nice to be back in the ‘swing’ of things with baseball. Hopefully the Cubs can put together a good year. Either way, it’s fun to enjoy the games.

Have a great day.

A Memorable Day at Wrigley Field

I spent this past Saturday at the Friendly Confines with my sons and my parents. It was our annual pilgrimage to the ‘ol ballpark and it ended up being a memorable one.

Of course, every trip to Wrigley Field is memorable in its own way. It’s one of my favorite places on Earth and I’ve been going to games there since I was a little kid. I was there for work on this particular day and my parents and the boys came with. Glad they did, because it was quite a day.

We got there early and on the way into the park, my parents spotted a Cub legend just steps away from them. Ferguson Jenkins was there to sing the 7th inning stretch that day and was making his way in when my Mom snapped this photo of him. Fergie!

The boys said they wanted to see batting practice. Well, shortly after they walked up the steps to the seating area they got a big surprise. They were flagged down by a lady who happened to have two field passes for batting practice.

So, the kids got to stand on the ‘hallowed ground’ of Wrigley Field, just a few feet away from the batting cage, while the players took their practice swings. So cool…they even got a ball! They were really excited.

I think my Mom was actually more excited than anyone, though. She watched them from the first row and I could tell she was beyond thrilled to see her grandkids getting to do that.

We all enjoyed the game together. We sat in the upper deck, near the press box. It’s one of our favorite spots. Shaded from the sun, and a great view of the game. After a back and forth contest on the field, a few hot dogs for us and a nap for my oldest son, the game was over.

The Cubs didn’t win but it didn’t take away from the fact that the kids were able to stand on the field. It’s something I didn’t get to do until just this year and man, was that fun. So I hope they will remember it as being something really special.

The fun wasn’t over yet though. As we were walking down the ramps from the upper deck, we crossed paths with a gentleman pulling a suitcase. Turns out it was Pat Hughes, the radio broadcaster of the Cubs. Cool!

My Dad and I said hello to him. He said hello to both of us and simply said, ‘Tired’ in response to the best question I could come up with (‘How are you?’) to ask a broadcaster ready to get home after a day at work while walking with masses of people around us. Then, he walked down some stairs and off he went.

I explained to my sons who that was and was thrilled to have met Mr. Hughes. His broadcasts are fantastic. It’s always a joy to listen to him.

From there, we headed out with great memories made and a good time had by all.

It was a fun day, and I’m sure we’ll get the ‘W’ next time. We’re Cubs fans…being optimistic is a job requirement 🙂

Fun with Fatherhood – Cubs Comeback

A nice evening turned into a memorable one last night.

I had put the boys to bed, and after a half hour or so I went back into their room to check on them. My oldest son was still awake, as he sometimes is. He seems to have received his father’s sleeplessness gene.

So I sat down and chatted with him for a few moments and then asked him if he wanted me to turn the radio on to help him fall asleep. He said yes and after a few moments I got up to turn on the clock radio in their room.

When I turned it on, the familiar voice of Pat Hughes came through the speaker. The Chicago Cubs were playing and it was a close game versus the Milwaukee Brewers. We were trailing 5-4 and about to head to the 9th inning.

The only reason their radio was on that frequency was because I’d attempted to listen to a game on it last week. I had forgotten about that and didn’t expect it to be tuned to that station, nor would I have probably thought at the time to tune in the game.

We were both happy it was on, though and I told my son that Pat would let him know everything that was happening. I also informed him that listening to ball games, often times before bed, was something I used to do as a kid.

Then as I was about to get up to leave I thought, ‘Why not listen to the top of the 9th with him and see if the Cubs can tie it up?’

He was still lying down, and I was at the foot of his bed as Pat’s voice announced the beginning of the 9th inning through the darkness of the room he shares with his non-sleep deprived, mouth open, looking as comfortable and content as could be, passed out little brother.

Hearing Pat call each pitch is always a delight and it was fun to introduce my son to the real experience that is listening to a ball game on the radio.

The first batter got on base, thanks to an errant throw. My son and I exchanged a high-five and cheered on the next batter. Strikeout. Darn…but a wild pitch to the next batter advanced the runner to second. Scoring position. Sweet!

That next better was David DeJesus. He’d already hit a grand slam in the game, so there was hope for him to knock in the tying run. Crack! Triple, tying the game at 5. We were fired up. Another high-five later and we focused on the next batter, hoping for the go-ahead run now.

Swing and a miss for strike three. No! But wait, Pat’s voice started to escalate. The ball had gotten away from the catcher and DeJesus made it across the plate to score the go-ahead run in the process!

That got him excited enough to sit up for this round of high-fives. Go Cubs! I envisioned in my head what the play looked like based on the radio call from Pat, and wondered if my son was doing the same.

After another strikeout it was time for another big hit. Alfonso Soriano got the job done and put the Cubs ahead 7-5. Who knew this half inning would turn out so great? I was clapping now and turned to my son to get another high-five.

Wouldn’t you know it, the kid was asleep. Out cold, just two minutes after celebrating the previous run. Guess he was content knowing the Cubs were winning 🙂

I wish I could tell him it ended well in Milwaukee. He will be waking up here shortly and I’ll be informing him that the Cubbies couldn’t hang onto that lead. They lost the game in the 13th inning.

But that’s ok. I’ll remember listening to the top of the 9th inning of this game. A comeback, a great call from the booth, and a few minutes of quality time spent with my oldest son. Hopefully he will remember it too.