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The Cubs are in the Playoffs

Chicago Cubs Logo

As such, I must at least acknowledge this with some sort of blog post. 🙂

Here’s hoping the Cubbies can make a run in the postseason this year. Nearly 100 wins in the regular season, exceeding expectations, tons of excitement along the way…and for the moment, it all comes down to a one-game Wild Card matchup against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Regardless of what happens, it is very nice to at least be talking about the Cubs in October – heck, the second half of the season for that matter.

Excited to watch the game Wednesday night and I’m optimistic (sign of any true Chicago Cubs fan) that we will be hoisting the W flag afterward in victory.

Go Cubs, Go!



I came across this commercial while online last night. Click on the photo or the link and check it out, it’s only a minute long.

You might remember it from a few years ago. I’d never seen it before and I love it. I showed it to my kids this morning and they enjoyed it as well.

Just thought I’d pass on the message, as it mentions in the tagline.

A little optimism…and a positive perspective…can go a long way 🙂

Have a great day.