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Metro Kidz Peoria

I had the opportunity to check out this program in person the other day. What a blessing to the Peoria area this is!

Metro Kidz is an outreach program run by the folks over at Dream Center Peoria. From the program’s website:

‘High energy event team brings a mobile stage into Taft Homes and offers games, music, live entertainment, prizes, candy and the Gospel message.’

It is indeed a high energy atmosphere and it is an atmosphere that is very positive as well.

I was amazed at how ‘into it’ the kids were and it was great to see the enthusiasm shown by the volunteers as well. You could tell that everyone who was there truly wanted to be there. That’s where good things can really happen, and they do happen at Metro Kidz.

I watched little ones jumping and dancing to songs like, ‘One Way Jesus‘ and in the process saw the love of God and the hope He provides just fill that entire room. It was awesome.

More people need to know about this program. Metro Kidz provides a safe, enjoyable environment for some wonderful children. More importantly, it is changing lives and bringing Jesus into the hearts of the little ones who are there. I can’t think of anything more important and meaningful than that.

Please consider supporting this program. Again, from the website:

‘We would like to welcome you to partner with DCP, promote the event and volunteerism to your friends, family, co-workers and church. Invite them to get involved. You can contribute by donating to Metro Kidz and/or sponsor a child. Your donation for Metro Kidz would assist in providing for or reducing the costs of resources for skits, prizes and candy.’

Thanks everyone.