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Classy and Humble

That’s how I describe the post-game remarks made by Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears last night. Oh, go ahead and toss in ‘Refreshing’ as well.

You see, the guy had just broken the all-time record for kick-off/punt returns for touchdowns in the NFL. A pretty significant accomplishment. Not to mention the Bears had just wrapped up the NFC North division title.

A lot of times you hear athletes get up there and talk about themselves at times like that – both right off the bat and then throughout the time they have access to a microphone. This was much different and it was impressive to me.

First thing he did was praise God for all that he has been able to accomplish both on the football field and in his life. Second thing he did was give not some, but all of the credit to his teammates who blocked for him and enabled him to get free on all of those returns. Hester even broke down and had to pause because of the gratitude he had for all of this.

That’s classy. That’s humble. And if I do say so myself, it’s refreshing. So nice to see a superstar remove the credit from himself or herself and direct it elsewhere.

Congratulations Devin, on your well-deserved place in history. Keep up the good work.