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New Year’s Eve Encouragement

New Year’s Eve. The day we say goodbye to the year that was, and prepare to say hello to the year that will be. A time to reflect, and a time to look ahead. This year was like no other. (Granted, you could say that about every year but, yeah…2020.)

It’s safe to say many, if not most, will be eager to forget about this past year and move forward to whatever may be ahead in 2021. I understand, as this was a very difficult and challenging year in many ways, here. If it was a rough one for you, I am so sorry. Losses have been plentiful for so many – whether it has been loss of life, employment, activities, etc.

But, as we start to fix our gaze upon the seemingly “can’t be any worse” year ahead and the hope of a better 12 months to come and try to just sweep 2020 under the rug…I’m going to challenge you to do something.

Think about what you can take with you from this past year. As in, focus just for a few moments on what you’ve gained or learned or been blessed with in 2020. The list might be short, I get it. But, my guess is there’s something you can put on this list.

Something you’ve made it through this year has made you stronger. Something you learned about yourself can be used for good. Something you gave of yourself will be returned, with interest. Something you struggled with will be used to help others, through your experience with it. Your hardships will lead to healing and your story might just be the very thing used to bring breakthrough to someone else’s life, someday.

This isn’t being written to say everything’s alright or that we should all just be fine. Just wanted to encourage you today, because I still believe everything happens for a reason and I believe the tough times in our lives are ultimately used for a greater glory. And, in the end, it is well.

Happy New Year to you. May 2021 be the best year of your life.


It’s that time again. Time to usher in a new calendar year…which really doesn’t mean all that much in a literal sense when you think about it. January 1, 2011 is just another day. Fom a figurative sense though, the transition from one year to the next provides all of us with an opportunity to try and make a fresh start or do things differently.

Gotta be honest, I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions. That being said I have made them plenty of times in the past. Last year for example I set out to do what countless people do…go to the gym and get healthy.

I made it through about 8 months – going regularly for maybe 4 of those. We’ll call it a wash. I’ve seen worse results but I could have certainly done better. In the end the gym just wasn’t the place for me. I’ll stick with lifting a few weights at home and playing tennis. That’s gonna have to be good enough.

But I digress. 2010’s successor is knocking on the door and it’s time to make (or not make) those resolutions once again. Jury is still out, here…I’ll let ya know if I think of something profound.

I will be doing this much in the coming year – enjoying life to its fullest. Every day we get is a gift and so certainly is every year, for that matter. Happy New Year everyone. Make the most of it. All the best to you and yours for a happy and healthy 2011.


PS – If you answered ‘Yes’ to this, what is your resolution? Leave a reply below. Thanks!