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Grilling Nectarines

Grilled Nectarine

Yes, you read the title correctly. Grills are great for meat, but let me tell you, nectarines are very worthy items for placement on them as well.

This was dessert at our house last night. I turned on the grill, cut a large nectarine into quarters, put the pieces peel side down directly on the grill over medium-high heat, sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on them, then added a drizzle of olive oil.

From there, it only took a few minutes. I turned the nectarine pieces once or twice, making sure to get the grill marks on the non-peel side(s) as you can see in the photo – and that was it.

After taking them off the grill, I plated them with some lactose-free vanilla ice cream (I’m making every effort to avoid lactose these days and this stuff was really good) then sprinkled more cinnamon on top, along with a honey nut cereal crumble.

Might suggest adding some honey to the mix, or whatever your favorite topping might be. You can also substitute peaches for nectarines. This was delicious and very easy to do, I’d definitely recommend it!

Happy grilling…have a great day.