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Return to Torrey Pines

I had the opportunity to go back to Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve in sunny southern California recently. It was so good to be there again! It’s a wonderful place to hike and enjoy some of God’s most beautiful work. Some amazing scenery there.

Here are a few photos from that day (click the images to enlarge them.) If you ever get the chance, definitely check this place out sometime. You won’t regret it!

Shell Key

Shell Key

Shell Key Preserve. A beautiful place, located just off the coast of St. Petersburg, Florida. Enjoyed a morning with my family walking along this island earlier this year. Here’s one of the photos from that day.

If you like picking up shells, this is a great spot for it. Sand dollars are plentiful there, as are numerous other treasures from the sea.

Take your boat out there, or catch a ride on the ferry. It’s a short trip from the mainland and it’s a nice getaway spot. Very relaxing out there.

Interested in checking it out for yourself? For more information on this beautiful place, click here or here.

Storm Chasing

My wife and I recently went on a random road trip. In the process, we ended up dodging some nasty storms, but then, following them so I could get some pictures.

Just like the storm chaser folks, right? I’m a bit of a weather fanatic, so it was a lot of fun getting to take photos of the storms as they passed by. Here are a few of the photos…and if you’re bored sometime, I highly recommend taking a drive somewhere and checking out new places. You don’t have to go far to find something cool out there!

Have a great day.