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Positive Press

Casting For Recovery Retreats More Than Fly Fishing

This unique program offers a relaxing environment for breast cancer survivors to learn new skills and make new memories.

The Cubs Won The World Series


Yes, I am well aware that some time has now passed since this happened, but I’ve been busy. ūüôā

The Cubs won the World Series.

I could get used to saying that.

It was an incredible season and the memories made, watching (and agonizing over) the games with family, will never be forgotten. What an amazing experience for us and for all Cubs fans.

My “W” flag has been flying in front of the house since the night they won it all, and will be staying out there until the 2017 season begins. Gotta love it.

Go Cubs, Go!

What a Finish!

Is anyone else still as amazed as I am about what happened during the final five seconds of the NCAA national championship game Monday night? Wow!

You couldn’t script it any better if you tried.

Powerhouse North Carolina, fighting all the way back from what had been an increasing¬†deficit, to tie it up with a miracle three-pointer¬†by Marcus Paige with 4.7 seconds left. Probably one of the best shots in the history of the tournament¬†–¬†but, it was immediately topped by what happened next.

Cue Kris Jenkins…


Oh. My. Gosh.

Check out some of the reactions from Villanova fans and announcers. Simply incredible.

They don’t call it “one shining moment” for nothing.¬†Congratulations, Villanova. Great performance, unforgettable memories made.

We were yelling and screaming from our living room. Stuff like this is so much fun. Just one of many reasons why I love sports. What a finish!

Have a great day.



My Five Favorite Christmas Songs – #5

This just sounded like a fun thing to do, so here goes. Coming in at Number Five…an a cappella gem from a group called Pentatonix.

‘That’s Christmas to Me’ takes me back to Christmas time as a kid. Some great harmonies in the song and some great memories to go with it.

Enjoy and check back tomorrow for the next song!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hoping yours is filled with good times and creating memories with the ones you love. I’m thankful for the wonderful people in my life today and for all of the people¬†I’ve had the privilege to meet and get to know¬†throughout the years. You’re all blessings.

A special Thanksgiving greeting to all of my fellow bloggers out there. I enjoy reading what you write and am appreciative of you taking the time to read this blog and for our conversations here in online world.

Have a great day everyone!