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Don’t Worry!

I do my best not to worry about things in life. I really try to make it a habit to just let things happen as they will. Obviously that’s not always easy to do and at certain times it can seem nearly impossible. Not so coincidentally, I’ve been failing at this recently.

At the same time I am constantly reminded that things don’t happen according to my wishes and my timeline. They happen according to God’s wishes and His timeline. The part of the Lord’s Prayer when we say ‘thy will be done’ is one that I have to remember to focus on sometimes.

It doesn’t say ‘my’ will…it says ‘thy’ will. At the end of the day it’s just a matter of trusting that God knows what He is doing, letting go of the desire to be in control, and giving those worries to Him. It can be pretty hard to do that. I’m guessing just about everyone struggles with this sometimes.

I found a verse this morning that spoke to me on this topic and I wanted to share it. It helped to put things in perspective for me and it served as a very clear reminder that God doesn’t want me to worry.

Lamentations 3: 55-57

55 From the bottom of the pit, I prayed to you, LORD56 I begged you to listen. “Help!” I shouted. “Save me!” You answered my prayer 57and came when I was in need. You told me, “Don’t worry!” 58 You rescued me and saved my life.

He was able to do all of that for me…and all He asked me to do was not to worry. Yet here I have been, worrying away about so many things in life. Time for me to do a better job at remembering those simple words: Don’t worry!

Have a great day everyone.