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This post is dedicated to my hero.

He found a way to love me when no one else possibly could.

He’s shown me the difference between right and wrong.

He’s always forgiven me when I’ve messed up.

He’s been everything to me when I’ve had nothing.

He’s picked me up when I’ve fallen.

He’s given me peace when I’ve had none.

He’s never left me…no matter what the circumstances have been.

He is all of these things and more, and continues to be because he was selfless and accepted an undeserved death so that I might live.

Anyone out there looking for a hero? Looking for an example of humility, grace, kindness, decency, mercy, dedication, and unconditional love?

Listen to this song. Read the words on the screen. I hope you’ll have found one after you do that.

‘With love He gave His life so we could be free.’


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(I included twice the normal amount of stories this week to make up for last Friday’s absence. Have a great day!)

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Happy Friday everyone! Make it a great day.

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