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Heatstroke and Kids

Heatstroke Fact Sheet


Heatstroke is one of the leading causes of death among children.

Whether you’re a parent, caregiver or bystander of a child left in a car, it’s vitally important to understand children are more vulnerable to heatstroke than adults.

Click the link or the photo above for some important rules and tips to protect children from heatstroke.

Look Before You Lock

It’s been a hot summer and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is making a push to remind parents not to leave their little ones in the car.

You may think it’s second nature to get your child out of the back seat but every year children are left in hot cars and sadly, some die as a result.

Click on the ‘Where’s Baby?’ photo to check out some helpful information for parents and anyone who’s in a line of work that involves interaction with parents.

Click here for brochure and poster downloads that you can print out or share electronically.

Please help spread the word about the danger of leaving children in cars. The consequences can be deadly, but they are also very preventable. Look before you lock.


What a way to end a season, huh? That was rough.

Certainly not the ending we’re used to as Chicago Bulls fans…you know, one that usually involves a banner being raised to the ceiling or a celebration in Grant Park.

But let’s put this in perspective, people. Miami is a better team than Chicago. This year’s Bulls team wasn’t the Bulls teams that won six championships in the 1990s. No, this was more like the Bulls teams that did really well – and then couldn’t get to the Finals because they were still a step or two away from becoming that team.

Derrick Rose had a great season. MVP for sure. But in the end, he didn’t deliver. He just didn’t look very good during any of the four losses in this series. Call it what you will: fatigue from the spectacular regular season, carrying the load too much, or just an incomplete maturation cycle of a player that has unlimited potential (which very likely will could someday produce an NBA title.) Whatever it was, he didn’t have it this series and more importantly, we as a team didn’t have enough to fight off the more talented Heat.

I’ve already heard a lot of people blaming the refereeing. Several points on that. 1) Yes, it seemed to favor the Heat. I’ll give you that…but keep reading though. 2) In the end, the Heat players made the plays needed to win the game and the Bulls players did not. Three 3-pointers made in the final minute or two by the Heat. No response from the Bulls. 3) I hate to say this (I am a die-hard Bulls fan) but let’s face it, people. We got every call for nearly a decade. The league DOES skew their calls in favor of their superstars. Unfortunately, #6 for Miami is a bigger star in the NBA’s eyes than #1 for Chicago right now. I know, it hurts…but the same stuff applies now as it did then. Probably always will. Let’s just hope that Rose gets to be more popular than LeBron 🙂

All that being said, I’m not trying to cause a fight with my fellow Bulls fans. Just trying to see the big picture here that’s all. I wish the Bulls had won. I am most displeased that they lost and I am particularly bummed about the way they lost. But they did.

As I just told a friend of mine, I guess this at least frees up our evenings for the next several weeks. Gotta look on the bright side, right? Ok I am sure no one is looking on the bright side right now. I understand. It was a tough loss.

Kudos to the Bulls on a great season. At the very least it gave fans a reason to believe that at least something close to what we remember from the 90s could happen again. Hopefully someday it will.