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The Gym

Yes, the gym – as in, the place where I’ve been the past two nights.

That makes two more nights than I’ve spent at one of these places in the past, oh, three or four years combined.

You see, I’m no bodybuilder. I’m not into getting all buff and stuff, nor do I really care what people think about my physique. I mean let’s face it. I’m a short, skinny, pale, redheaded kid. It is what it is 🙂

At the same time, I have not been exercising anywhere near as much as one should if one is trying to take good care of oneself.

And so, I made a promise to take better care of myself this year, which means this strange place called the gym may start becoming a lot more familiar to me. Not to try to get huge, but instead to get healthy.

I joined a place that is just a few minutes away from my house. It’s great. New, clean, plenty of space, open 24 hours, very affordable…and all kinds of TV sets including of course ESPN which I no longer have after cancelling cable last year (another story for another time) so as an added bonus it’s a place to watch sports! All while getting off the couch and out of the house.


Here’s to all of us being healthy and taking better care of ourselves in the year ahead. Oh, and if you need me this week I’ll be watching the Australian Open on TV #3 by the elliptical machines.

Have a great day.

The Gym

Tim Tebow

How could anyone not like you?

Some of you may remember that line, read by the character of Jerry’s adoring mother during one particular Seinfeld episode.

Have to believe that’s what Tim Tebow’s mom must think when the hurtful and hate-filled comments come in toward a guy who both on and off the football field embodies everything that is good and decent about humanity.

How could anyone not like him?

Read this:

I’ll fill you in on a secret before I continue. Several years ago, being a Florida State fan…I didn’t like him. He was so good against FSU and he led the Gators to such great heights, which as a Seminoles fan was in no way a good thing. So I admit, I was in that group during his Florida years.

Looking at Tim Tebow now, I’ll ask the question again: How could anyone not like him?

The guy is genuine, he’s polite, he’s charitable and puts others before himself, he glorifies God in all he does, and he doesn’t have the slightest hint of an ego. These are bad things?

I’m sure people don’t like him because they just want to be like him or envy what he has, which is: success, fame, the adoration of millions, and a great life. There are plenty of people out there who don’t like him for his openness about his faith. Some don’t like his football mechanics. Others, well, I suppose the list goes on an on.

I’ve become a big Tim Tebow fan. My kids like Tim Tebow. We root for him and I hope he and the Broncos will win it all this year.

According to the article above, Tebow was voted America’s new favorite athlete in the latest ESPN Sports poll.

I like it. It’s nice to see a positive, unselfish person at the top of a list like that. It’s certainly a departure from many other highly paid athletes who only think of themselves. (I’m not saying ALL athletes are that way, before you jump on me for writing that. Many. Not all. Many.)

Anyway, good for you Tim. I’ll pray that neither your accomplishments nor the pressures of society will change who you are. Stay strong in what you believe and keep up the good work.

Tim Tebow
Image by Jeffrey Beall via Flickr