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Positive Press

Casting For Recovery Retreats More Than Fly Fishing

This unique program offers a relaxing environment for breast cancer survivors to learn new skills and make new memories.

Positive Press

Photo credit: Stafano Boeri Architects

These Cool New ‘Vertical Forest’ Skyscrapers Are Designed To Help Fight Smog

This takes “going green” to all new “heights”!

Check out this cool plan to create a vertical forest and a skyscraper, all at once.

Positive Press


A friend of mine came up with this cool new app to help mathematically challenged people like me figure out energy costs for common household electronic devices.

As the title reads, it’s called ‘Stopwattch’…clever, no?

Anyway it’s really easy to use and you can try it out by visiting the Verde Sustainable Solutions website: http://www.verdel3c.com/stopwattch/

It’s my understanding Stopwattch will be available in the App Store before too long, if it’s not already as I’m typing this. Enjoy!