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Leeland: Concert with a Cause (Backpack Peoria)

The folks at Dream Center Peoria are bringing a big-time show to Peoria this month and once again they will be providing school supplies and more to thousands of kids in need, thanks to the Backpack Peoria program.

GRAMMY nominated worship band Leeland will be performing a concert at Riverside Community Church in Peoria the evening of Friday, July 27th. The concert will start at 7:00 p.m. Click on the photo above to purchase tickets online.

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What is this all about? Well, it’s a special event being planned at Dream Center Peoria. Click here for an overview.

From the website:

Countless volunteers are coming together to bring smiles to the faces of less fortunate families with the gift of a holiday meal, a family portrait and Christmas gifts.

Good stuff.

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kaleidoscope: an a cappella experience

Hey Peoria! Here’s something for you to enjoy this weekend.

(click on the photo for more info)

Acaharmodies! brings together vocal talents from all over central Illinois to create a unique a capella sound. The group combines refined harmonies with elegant melodies to make beautiful music. Their experienced voices perform both religious and secular classics, offering a wide range of entertainment.

From their event description:

This charity concert is going to be the most extensive multi-genre show we’ve performed yet! You’ll hear opera, classical, vocal jazz, R&B, secular night club music, barbershop, and many more ALL through the vein of a capella!

The best part of this show is that the artists will be donating a big portion of the proceeds to Dream Center Peoria’s ‘Freedom Arts Project’ which is about to kick off its fall semester.

Freedom Arts Project aims to change the community by teaching young people lessons in the arts in a safe environment. Junior and senior high students participate one night a week in an 8-week course. The classes encourage young people, who otherwise would be unable to attend art classes, to pursue old and new passions in the arts.

It’s a winning combination this weekend at DCP. You’ll be helping a great program, while enjoying some talented performers.

You have two chances to see the show. Friday, August 19th at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, August 21st at 2:30 p.m.

Be sure to check it out. Thank you for supporting the arts!

Jars of Clay: A Concert with a Cause (Backpack Peoria)

This is going to be awesome.

Jars of Clay will be performing live at Riverside Community Church in Peoria on Friday, July 29th at 7:30 p.m.

Cool stuff…but the reason it’s going to be a truly great event is because every ticket that is purchased will buy one child in our area a backpack filled with supplies or a school uniform gift card.

I repeat, this is going to be awesome.

$15 gets you a ticket to the concert and it also gets a kid either a backpack or a school uniform for ‘back to school’ time this fall.

It’s part of the Backpack Peoria program, run by Dream Center Peoria. The program has been running for nearly a decade and this year, the folks at DCP plan to give out 2,500 backpacks filled with supplies and 1,000 school uniform gift cards.

Those items will come at no cost to the students who receive them. They do cost money to purchase, however and that’s where this concert comes in.

Anyone familiar with Christian music knows that Jars of Clay is a top-notch band with a great sound and wonderful message in their songs. The concert itself is more than worth the 15 bucks. The fact that you’ll be enjoying a great show AND helping kids with their back to school needs, well, you just can’t beat that.

If you can’t attend the show but still want to support the program, your donation would be greatly appreciated. Visit the highlighted Backpack Peoria link above or you can give directly at this site: https://www.justgive.org/nonprofits/donate.jsp?ein=52-2376242

If you want more information, just call the Dream Center at (309) 676-3000 and the staff will be more than happy to tell you all about it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance to those who plan to attend the concert or make a donation. God bless.

Metro Kidz Peoria

I had the opportunity to check out this program in person the other day. What a blessing to the Peoria area this is!

Metro Kidz is an outreach program run by the folks over at Dream Center Peoria. From the program’s website:

‘High energy event team brings a mobile stage into Taft Homes and offers games, music, live entertainment, prizes, candy and the Gospel message.’

It is indeed a high energy atmosphere and it is an atmosphere that is very positive as well.

I was amazed at how ‘into it’ the kids were and it was great to see the enthusiasm shown by the volunteers as well. You could tell that everyone who was there truly wanted to be there. That’s where good things can really happen, and they do happen at Metro Kidz.

I watched little ones jumping and dancing to songs like, ‘One Way Jesus‘ and in the process saw the love of God and the hope He provides just fill that entire room. It was awesome.

More people need to know about this program. Metro Kidz provides a safe, enjoyable environment for some wonderful children. More importantly, it is changing lives and bringing Jesus into the hearts of the little ones who are there. I can’t think of anything more important and meaningful than that.

Please consider supporting this program. Again, from the website:

‘We would like to welcome you to partner with DCP, promote the event and volunteerism to your friends, family, co-workers and church. Invite them to get involved. You can contribute by donating to Metro Kidz and/or sponsor a child. Your donation for Metro Kidz would assist in providing for or reducing the costs of resources for skits, prizes and candy.’

Thanks everyone.