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To My Fellow Parents

Just a note of encouragement to say…keep going, keep wanting the best for your kids, keep training them up, keep trying, keep loving them, keep believing the best, keep leading them, keep their perspective in mind, keep trusting He cares for them more than you ever can.

Don’t give up. Parenting is one of the most important roles ever created for us on Earth. If you’re a parent, you know it’s one of the most challenging, too. There is no manual and it may get stressful to the point it hurts, but it is worth it. Your kids are worth it.

So, take a deep breath and know you are making a difference in their lives when you do your best as a parent. Sure, you’re not perfect, but they don’t need perfection. They need you to show them how to live, as best as you – flawed, imperfect but caring, loving, dedicated you – possibly can.

Love on your children today. It is a deposit you will get back with interest. It’s perhaps the best investment you will ever make.

Have a great day.

Endless Possibilities

Just a reminder this morning that the possibilities for your life are endless. There is no such thing as a dead end. God’s timing is perfect and wherever you are today, it’s for a reason. If you don’t like what you see now, don’t get discouraged and don’t give up. Your moment is coming and it’s going to be amazing!

Have a great day.

Endless Possibilities

Don’t Give Up!

2 Chronicles 15:7
So you must be brave. Don’t give up! God will honor you for obeying him.

I heard this last night and something just told me right away that someone else out there, perhaps many ‘someones’ might need to hear it.

If you’re that someone, I hope this encourages you. I hope you’ll be brave. Keep honoring God with what you do and don’t give up! Good things are coming your way, even if it’s hard to see that right now.

Have a good day.

Begin Again

If you feel that you have made mistakes and missed the best life that God had for you, remember: it is never too late to begin again.
-Joyce Meyer

Believe this, friends. Believe it.

Praise God for giving every one of us the grace and the strength we need to make something of our lives, no matter where we’ve been.

If you’re in a bad place, don’t let discouragement get to you. Don’t let the bad guy convince you that you’re not worthy of good things. Don’t let people put you down or make you feel bad. Most importantly, don’t ever give up.

You were made to do great things…and if you feel like you haven’t done that so far, the best is yet to come. It is never too late to begin again.