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Dive In!

I decided to share this today because I know that right now, people everywhere are facing tough decisions in their lives. It’s a fork in the road and you don’t know which way to go or how to handle it.

The lyrics in this song talk about ‘a voice telling me it’s time to take a leap of faith’ and ‘diving in’ as the chorus goes. It’s a song about trusting in God and giving Him control of your life. On a more basic level the song is also a metaphor for setting a course and not looking back.

I do believe everything that happens in our lives is for a reason and ultimately God’s will is what is done, but we still have to make choices along the way and deal with the consequences that come from them.

Making a big decision can be a hard thing to do but when you look at it from another viewpoint it can also be really empowering. The unknown is never an easy place to venture into but when you have faith during that time, you get stronger. I speak from experience on that one.

Life will present moments that require you to make choices and while they can be uncomfortable, the process of making them doesn’t have to be detrimental to you. God’s plan for your life is a good one and it’s much better than you can imagine. Trust in that and trust in Him. When you do, those decisions won’t seem as daunting as you’ve made them out to be.

If you have a big decision to make right now, pray about it. A lot. Don’t let fear or doubts dictate your decision. Choose to trust, choose to live, choose to be true to yourself, choose to pursue happiness. Whatever it is, make the choice and in the process, trust that God will take you in the direction you’re supposed to go. He makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him!

No matter how it goes after you make that particular choice, you’ll be much better for it in the end if you make the bigger choice to give up control and dive in.

Psalm 37:5
Commit everything you do to the LORD. Trust him, and he will help you.