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Positive Press

This week’s edition of Positive Press  has a personal connection. Julie Locke, the woman in the first story, is the mother of Dax Locke, who I’ve written about in several previous blog posts here. Dax is still making a huge impact on this world, years after his death.

Positive Press 4

Mom helps other families following son’s death

Strive works to expand employment opportunities for those with developmental disabilities

How one teenager thought outside of the shoe box

Positive Press

(I included twice the normal amount of stories this week to make up for last Friday’s absence. Have a great day!)

Positive Press 1

Tim Tebow ‘Motivate Me Monday’ – Deven Jackson

A simple act of kindness in an otherwise crazy world becomes a teaching moment

The Chemo Took His Hair, But His Hat Made Him Brave

Grocery store ‘pay it forward ‘ will be passed along

Local Hero Myra Curiel Helps Aging Out Foster Youth with Move-in Kits

CPSB library offers special technology for students with disabilities

IDOT’s Student Professionals with Disabilities Program

Student Professionals with Disabilities is a unique program that is giving people the opportunity to work and contribute to society.

Take a look at this short video:


Nick is doing a great job for the Illinois Department of Transportation and he’s not the only one in the program who is succeeding in the workplace as a result of being a part of it.

I’m glad I had the chance to learn more about this program while I produced this video. It’s really cool to see people reaching their full potential in life. Keep up the good work, Nick.