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Yellow Dot Program

Yes, I work for the agency that runs this program and yes, I produced this video…but I’m writing this post with my PR hat off, because I really think it’s a worthwhile program and one that is worth sharing here.

You pick up a free yellow dot sticker and put it on the back window of your car. You fill out a card with your medical information. That’s it.

Why do this? If you are in a crash and have any medical conditions or special needs or restrictions, paramedics will know by seeing that yellow dot to look for the card in your glove compartment to make sure they get you what you need – and equally important, that they don’t get you what you don’t need. The minutes or even seconds saved by having that information handy could potentially save lives.

Click here for more information.


Provisional data shows that this year, 376 people have lost their lives on Illinois highways between the first of the year and the end of May. Please watch this video to see the real impact crashes have, and to see how you can help us reach our goal of zero fatalities.

 It has been a deadly year on Illinois roads.

We put this video together as part of an effort to bring awareness to the rising number of traffic fatalities in Illinois. The information in the video applies to anyone though, so regardless of where you live, please take a look if you have a few minutes. Thank you.