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Galena Getaway

My wife and I recently enjoyed a little getaway in Galena, IL. It was a return trip for her, but the first time for me. Loved it there. Nice town, nice people.

Grandview Guest Home

We stayed at The Grandview Guest Home, a nice bed and breakfast perched high above the city. Great location – far enough away from the downtown area to feel nice and quiet, but only a short walk up and down 254 (count ’em) stairs to the shops and restaurants.

Our hostess, Marjie, was very nice and made us feel welcome. The home was historic and beautiful, inside and out. We definitely enjoyed the stay there.

One Eleven Main

For dinner, we landed on One Eleven Main, a sharp looking place that featured local cuisine. Will, our server, was very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to picking out our selections. My wife went with the duck, while I opted for the jambalaya. Both were very good, and if you like a little ‘zing’ with your food, be sure to get what I had when you visit!

Kandy Kitchen

After dinner, we took a stroll downtown. Everything was lit up for Christmas…it is such a nice looking town, especially this time of year.

Galena Downtown

We spent the next day shopping downtown. Dozens of stores are waiting for you along Main Street…it is a shopper’s delight, there. Everything from hot sauce to the hottest fashions, you’ll find it in downtown Galena.

Bella VintajOf course, anyone who knows me, knows that I love to scope out cool visuals. Galena had plenty of these, particularly the door handles at some of the stores. Check this one out!

I really enjoyed the variety of building facades and the overall character of both downtown, and the city as a whole.

We had a great time in Galena. I’d recommend getting there if you have a free weekend sometime. The people are very friendly, you’ll find plenty to do while you’re there, you’ll eat well, and most of all, you’ll have fun! Glad we got to enjoy the town for a couple of days. Good times for sure.


Christmas Tree

It’s here! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s here.

I love Christmas. Everything about it.

So many good memories from being a kid at Christmastime. Now, my wife and I get to share those with our kids, and each other.

Last night, I had to stop and take a picture of the tree. There’s just something about the glow of those lights that brings so much nostalgia…in a good way. I could sit next to that thing all day long and be happy. Some Christmas music playing through the speakers – even better.

I’m glad our cross is right there on the wall, next to the tree. It’s a great reminder of what this season is all about.

Enjoy it, friends. Christmastime is a season like none other. All the best to you and yours this Christmas season.

Fun with Fatherhood – Rockets

(FYI – I had intended on posting this about a year-and-a-half ago when it actually happened, but didn’t have the video link. Just found it in my Drafts folder and added the video, so here ya go!)

The other day, we put together the launching kit for the boys’ model rockets that they got for Christmas. From there, it was off to find the right launching spot.

After explaining to the boys the need for some space to make this happen, and an unsuccessful stop on a dirt road that we noticed was marked private after walking around to scope out the location, we landed on a perfect spot. Then it was time to get these birds in the air. Here’s a look at the big moment(s).

Yes, those were multiple camera angles. As someone who has always worked with video for a living it was a must to do this Hollywood style. We had five cameras rolling and man, it was awesome to see those things take off. The boys were totally stoked! Part of me was actually surprised they launched, but it was great that they did. Mission accomplished.

We’ll have to do this again sometime. Would highly recommend it as a fun family activity!

Merry Christmas!


Amen! Jesus is the best present we could ever hope to get.

Merry Christmas to you, wherever you are. I hope that regardless of whether life is going well or not for you right now that you’ll take a minute to realize just how blessed we all are to have the opportunity to be here on Earth and serve a Savior who loves us unconditionally and always will.

Sending a 🙂 your way, friends. Enjoy what is truly the most wonderful time of year.

My Five Favorite Christmas Songs – #1

Alright everyone, the big moment has arrived. Thanks to all of you who’ve stopped by to listen to the songs in the countdown.

Number One on my list…is ‘Silent Night’ by Kenny Chesney.

It’s a no-brainer for me. This is my Mom’s favorite Christmas song and this version of it just happens to be sung by my favorite singer – and his Mom. You can’t beat that.

Blessings to all of you this Christmas. May the season be magical for you and yours.