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Positive Press

Alicia Porack

Kenny Chesney helps Hamburg woman battling cancer

Here’s a great story about staying positive during tough times…and, how empowering it can be to be yourself, no matter what the circumstances.

Positive Press

Positive Press

(I included twice the normal amount of stories this week to make up for last Friday’s absence. Have a great day!)

Positive Press 1

Tim Tebow ‘Motivate Me Monday’ – Deven Jackson

A simple act of kindness in an otherwise crazy world becomes a teaching moment

The Chemo Took His Hair, But His Hat Made Him Brave

Grocery store ‘pay it forward ‘ will be passed along

Local Hero Myra Curiel Helps Aging Out Foster Youth with Move-in Kits

CPSB library offers special technology for students with disabilities

Positive Press

Positive Press 1

Man Meets 5-Year-Old He Risked His Life to Save at Racetrack

Grieving dad helps kids get to chemo

Random Acts of Kindness: One woman helps another when happy to haul a door; Retired minister and his wife provide help twice to cyclists; Customer in line at Costco steps up to pay for another