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Positive Press

Positive Press 1

College Student Shocked by the Food the Cafeteria Threw Away Decides to Do Something

People Are Carrying Out 318 Random Acts of Kindness Across Boston

Dead Mississippi man begins breathing in embalming room, coroner says


Positive Press

Positive Press 1

Homeless Man Will Receive Over $72,000 After Being Good Samaritan

CCTV Cameras Catch Group Of Young Men’s Random Act Of Kindness In England

Students learn the basics of fishing at Hooked on Fishing

Positive Press

Pretty sure we all need some after this past week. Have a good day.

Amid Boston horror, acts of kindness abound

Volunteer Firefighters In West, Texas, Risk Lives To Battle Blaze After Fertilizer Plant Explosion

Robyn Rosenberger, Founder Of TinySuperheroes, Makes Capes For Sick Kids


Dear God,


Bring peace to the families and loved ones of those killed or injured in the attack at the marathon this week.

Heal the wounds of those who are injured.

Let hope win out over despair for all who have been affected by this event in any form.

Give wisdom to those investigating the case and help them find out who is responsible.

Forgive the person or people who did this and give them the conviction to turn themselves in.

Thank you for:

The people who put their own safety aside and rushed in to help after the attack.

The medical professionals who helped keep a number of the victims alive with their abilities.

Creating a place far better than here that we live to one day see. (2 Corinthians 4:16-18)

Loving us enough to send Your Son to die for us and give us a path to that place.

Baseball at Its Best

Now THAT is what I’m talking about, baseball.

What a finish to the 2011 MLB regular season. Four teams vying for two spots and one game each to make it happen. The result was probably one of the more exciting sequences that I’ve seen in quite a while.

With the exception of the Cardinals dominating their game (and making the playoffs for that matter – this part did nothing to excite me or make me happy) each of the other three games was a thriller.

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