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Choices: Blessings with Consequences

“We’ve been blessed with the freedom to choose. But, your choices have consequences – for you and also for others. Choices can affect you for a lifetime. A lot of times we don’t realize just how widespread the impact our choices can (and do) have. Put God first when you make your choices!”
-Brandon Dudley

From the beginning of time, this has been true. God has blessed us with the ability and freedom to make choices (Genesis 2:16-17) but those choices have resulted in some very significant consequences (Genesis 3) as well.


So, just as Mr. Dudley said…put God first when you make your choices. The results will be much better for you when you do. 🙂

Have a great day.

Give Thanks!

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. My challenge to you today is, no matter how your life is looking right now, take a few moments and think of what you’re thankful for.

(…giving you a few moments…)

Alright, now that you’ve done that, how do you feel? I hope you feel good, knowing that you are blessed, no matter what your life situation might be.

I am thankful for so much today. Thank you God, for loving me and blessing me with more than I need!

Have a great day.

Positive Press

Photo credit: Liz Dufour

Woman turns $5 into so much more with Bless the Paper Man crowd-fundraising

Looking for ways that you can bless others? Here’s an inspiring story that is a pretty good example of that!

Positive Press

Sweet Sunsets

We’ve been blessed with some sweet sunsets around here lately – several of them just this week, in fact. Thought I’d include one of them here for you to enjoy (click the photo to enlarge it.)

God makes great paintings!

Sweet Sunset