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Wow. I just got a notification that this blog is six years old today. Cool!

I hadn’t thought about how long it had been since this little project got started. Over the years, things have changed a bit, however one thing that has stayed the same is my appreciation for YOU for stopping by and checking this place out.

Thanks a lot for reading, thanks a lot for commenting, thanks a lot for your encouragement, thanks a lot for just being you.

Have a great day and here’s to another fun year of blogging!

Positive Press

99 Year Old
Photo credit: KTLA

99-Year-Old Wins Shopping Spree at 99 Cents Only Store on Birthday, Donates Items for Christmas

Here’s a story that should get you into the Christmas spirit, if you’re not there already!

Positive Press

Positive Press

Positive Press

Trying to save friend, man saves 60 others instead

Restaurant Invites Only the Homeless for 5 Nights of Dining in Baltimore

Teen replaces birthday party with random acts of kindness

Positive Press

Positive Press 1
Crime victim has a happy birthday thanks to JSO officer

Deployed Dad Surprises Family

Woman gives Vacaville firefighters a special thanks