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Stay Vigilant

The death of Osama bin Laden is something many Americans are celebrating, but I certainly hope no one makes the mistake of feeling ‘safer’ now that one person (significance aside) has been killed.

If this guy was bright enough to be responsible for all he claimed to have done and all he was accused of doing…it stands to reason he was bright enough to train many, many others to do the kind of things he did and worse.

I feel it’s extremely shortsighted (the U.S. chief of counterterrorism is actually quoted as saying, “al-Qaida is something in the past”) to think there aren’t others who learned from him making their own plans wherever they are right now. Never mind the countless others who never met the guy but who have their own reasons for inflicting terror on the United States and other countries – from within or from afar.

Not trying to rain on the parade here…just putting in my two cents.

This man’s death is something that has boosted the morale of a lot of people in this country. While it doesn’t do that for me, I can see how it would. Unfortunately this doesn’t solve or end anything in the big picture, short-term or long-term.

So to those of you who believe in freedom, I urge you to stay vigilant. To those of you fighting for freedom in any manner around the world, I say thank you.

And finally to everyone who believes that good can conquer evil, I certainly don’t want this post to deter from that mentality. I believe it. Always will. Just don’t let your guard down. The powers of evil – both in this type of situation and in countless other situations in life – can inflict the most damage when you do that.

Dear LORD please bless all of us here on Earth. I trust that in the end, you will bring us all eternal peace. Amen.