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The Cubs are in the Playoffs

Chicago Cubs Logo

As such, I must at least acknowledge this with some sort of blog post. 🙂

Here’s hoping the Cubbies can make a run in the postseason this year. Nearly 100 wins in the regular season, exceeding expectations, tons of excitement along the way…and for the moment, it all comes down to a one-game Wild Card matchup against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Regardless of what happens, it is very nice to at least be talking about the Cubs in October – heck, the second half of the season for that matter.

Excited to watch the game Wednesday night and I’m optimistic (sign of any true Chicago Cubs fan) that we will be hoisting the W flag afterward in victory.

Go Cubs, Go!

Because Sometimes You Just Want to See Something Cool

As such, today, I present you this…

What a play! Nice teamwork out there by the second baseman, Omar Infante and the shortstop, Alcides Escobar.

I’m sure there’s a metaphor there about the importance of being a team, but for now, just enjoy the play. 🙂

Have a great day.

Positive Press

Positive Press

Youth Baseball League Helps Chicago Police Make Impact on Violent Neighborhood

70 Year-Old Woman Finishes 100-Mile Race 6 SECONDS Before The Cutoff – Sets New Record!



Ok, I will admit. I’ve been pretty far removed from the game I grew up enjoying for the past few years. Yes, a big part of that is because my team, the Chicago Cubs really has not been anything remotely close to average, much less good in recent memory.

But, hope springs eternal and this year, the Cubbies look like they could be pretty good. New manager, new players, new attitude. And…renewed interest from this fan.

At Bat

I found this great app, called MLB At Bat. Lets you keep track of all things baseball, and it lets you access TV and/or radio broadcasts of the games, for a fee.

I went with the radio subscription. $20 for the entire season, with no blackouts and with access to broadcasts from both the home and away teams of every game. That’s a lot of baseball!

For me, it means getting to listen to Pat Hughes right on my phone. Good times.

You can also listen to archived games on your computer…which is nice when you can’t catch the game as it happens. There’s even a button to hide the scores when you go to listen to a replay. Cool stuff.

Looking forward to listening to the games this spring and summer. It’s nice to be back in the ‘swing’ of things with baseball. Hopefully the Cubs can put together a good year. Either way, it’s fun to enjoy the games.

Have a great day.

RIP Mr. Cub

Ernie Banks

The Chicago Cubs, Major League Baseball, and everyone who met or knew this kind man lost a legend last night.

Ernie Banks, “Mr. Cub” passed away at the age of 83.

A true ambassador for the team and for the game, he touched the hearts of countless people – both on and off the baseball field.

I had the chance to meet him once, about 15 years ago when I was a news reporter. I remember that, despite the long line of people waiting to see him, he wanted to take the time to have a sincere conversation. He greeted me and spoke to me as though I was his friend. Ernie Banks impressed me as being a really nice guy.

The ball pictured above is the one he signed for me that day. Never forgot that day…and I know Ernie Banks will certainly never be forgotten for the positive impact he made during his time here on Earth.

Rest in peace, Mr. Cub.