God > Evil

God is Greater than Evil

Hey, friends. How about taking a moment or two tonight to pray for everyone impacted by acts of terror – can we all do that? Pray for peace, healing and strength. Pray for more love and less hate in this world.

Evil wants to overcome good, but that will never happen. Evil wants us to live in fear and fear death while we’re alive, but our God is stronger and death was defeated when Jesus went to the Cross!

Evil can’t win. It may look like that sometimes, but it will never, ever happen. No amount of evil can ever triumph over the eternal good that God promises us, through Jesus.

So, go out and live without from fear tonight, tomorrow and every day God gives you. Spread peace, love and joy everywhere you go.

We all have the ability to make this world a better place. Let’s get to it!

2 thoughts on “God > Evil”

  1. Amen! Thanks for sharing this.
    And I can’t help but note I wrote a post today also using > in the title.
    Im sure God is encouraging/affirming…He will always be bigger> greater> more loving > and wiser > any mess we make and any thoughts we have…
    And the Home to come will be better > anything we’ve ever seen… like the womb was so awesome…but we didnt know it was dark and with redtones only till we came into the light of this world. Imagine how amazing it will be when we leave the matrix of this place!
    Here’s my post from today if you’re interested. Thanks again!
    “God’s Love= Deeper > Our Worst Crimes…but time is running out”

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